Inconvenient : Covid 19 has made things very inconvenient to do anything with state or federal governments, you can’t walk in no where anymore. Some of it goes overbroad a bit I think and I do believe in about all the cautionary stuff too, but I swear I think some of them kind of take advantage of the whole thing just to be lazy. Maybe I am just wore down with Covid, it’s like “please, let’s get rib of this thing.” I try hard to do my part, I hope you do too.

Exercise : Exercise is going well this week and I hope I still feel that way by the weekend. I knocked out another 2 mile walk this morning, so I am keeping my finger crossed that the knees won’t get too upset with me.

Barber : Well I got the old Barber(clippers) out of the closet today and I must say I did a pretty good job this time πŸ˜€! I could probably go out without a hat if need be, LOL. You know my haircuts don’t always go that way, sometimes I need that hat for 2 or 3 days. Don’t matter I wear the hat/hats all the time anyway to keep my skin from any more sun damage. Really important for us fair skin old dudes out west here.

Okay, enough jibber jabber for today.

Night Folks

4 thoughts on “Inconvenient

  1. You are so right about these Covid originated behavior. This virus has given rise to some of the worst tendencies in the human race from some people with Napoleon complexes to others who take full advantage of it for their own personal benefit.

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