Tap Tap Tap

Nice day : Good day to get out and piddle around outside and I did for a bit this afternoon. Even nice enough to set with the door open, which I am doing now 😀.

Exercise : Doing better this week.

Tap, Tap, Tap : As I have learned to use the track pad on the Mac Book Air I have learned to use many of the gesture and taps. Tap with one finger to selected, tap with two fingers for right click, use three fingers to highlight, use 4 fingers to open app drawer and so on. Anyways, most of the time it just comes without thinking about it but now and then I will forget and do all sort of tapping and gestures before I stop to think a second. Of course, the computer responds to the wrong thing as well as the right thing and that is what makes my old brain stop for a second with one of those “What was that?”, LOL. I did one of the brain stopper just a bit ago. I had set the “Get word definition” to 3 finger tap and had forgotten and was trying hard to “Force click”. Took me about 5 attempts before I remember, LOL. Habits are hard to ingrain to mind and muscle memory for me sometimes. By the way, I love that little feature on the Macs.

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