Not Blog Exciting

Exercise : I did good on my walking this week but I have the knees fussing at me. Hopefully the weekend will give me some recover time.

Las Cruces : I went with my friend to Las Cruces today, he just went to 3 places and I only pick up one thing, which was a tube of silicone. He likes the ride more then anything else, and it is good to just get out a bit.

Bad Day : Well, for my diet it was a bad day, I eat poorly today but I will get back to being right tomorrow.

Blog Stuff …. not! :
My life is really boring of late! I am not bored so much, but for what little I do it makes for poor blogging. Just not doing doing much worth sharing on a blog. Just hard for me to find things to be excited about setting still for all this time. The nomad in me needs more 😀!

Night Folks

2 thoughts on “Not Blog Exciting

    1. Thanks Meta, It is not to bad for me, but I was thinking that anyone that reads this must be thinking …. “This guy is as exciting as a bag of old socks!” LOL.


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