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Pictures : How do you writers do it?? I have been looking at this for about half an hour now and thinking “What in the world could I write about today?” so I am writing about me thinking about writing something. Maybe blogging shouldn’t be one of my hobbies? LOL.

This is the first thing I do when starting my post each day, paste the code that I might use for the day. Then I set and look at it for a while to see what will happen 😀.
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I likely don’t need to say that today is just not a happening day! Sometimes I just write about what every is in my mind at the moment, so here you got it. My mind is wondering what will come out of it and go into the keyboard.

…… Okay, here goes ……

Deep Thoughts: One of the things that I have come to in life is looking at growing as a human being as I live. I think that this thought hit my mind in my late 30s. Anyway, I have come to the conclusion that if after each decade of time if I can say that I am the same person that I was at the start of the decade I have wasted a decade. Think about the time in your life between 10 and 20 and if you had not grew as a person in that time … now why should that stop? No, it does not have to be such a big jump but it should always move some and the more the better, I think. I am talking about growing emotionally of course and doing a little bit here and there to make yourself a better person. Yeah, this is big talk and hard to live up to but one should always try. I think that I have, but I always keep in mind that should I live even two life times there would always be room for more growth. Also I note, that I realize that I had a good bit of growing up to do at that point of my life. Another big note here for me, this is about the time I got sober and stop drinking.

Maybe I think about the growth in me because I had much that needed to be better about me even in my late 30s, perhaps it was only then that I became mature enough to realize that I was a bit of a jerk at that time of my life and needed to change.

Shallow to Deep : See how my poor brain jumps around … what a mess?!?! LOL.

Weather : It is overcast and a bit cool outside today, so maybe a good day to let the mind ramble around a bit. 🤔

Have you grew as a person in the last decade? ⁇

Night Folks

2 thoughts on “Shallow to Deep

  1. One of the things I often mention to young people who think they are grown up is: maturity starts with 35 years of age. Starts. They may have produced offspring and have responsible jobs – under 35 they are children. Of course I don’t make myself popular with this, but what has to be said has to be said. Have I learned to speak the truth in the last decade? Or did I on the contrary more often hide the truth in order not to hurt people? I don’t know wether I have grown. I did change a bit, like I suppose everybody gradually does when getting older. But grew? Am I a better person then ten years ago? I don’t think so. A worse person? Neiher. And then: what is better? Better in what way? The older I get the more at ease I am with myself. The more at ease I am the more open I can be to other folks, in terms of giving and also recieving. That might make me a more agreeable person (except for those of 35 years and younger.) I discovered that with all the graduale changes, one feature stays the same: my playful mind, and knowing that is quite satisfying.

    Great piece of writing and question, John!

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    1. Peter, thanks for the great reply, wouldn’t sure if I would get any bites on this one!
      Yeah, I call about everyone kid that is 35 and under, I have even upset one or two doing that, I think that my first clue that I am on the money thinking they are a kid, LOL.
      About the truth, well it is a good thing to let some know what it is, but knowing when they are not ready for it is is a skill too I think, no need to lie but no need to tell it either because no good will come of it in some cases.
      I think better/growth is that when you are around other people and their mind is more at ease then it was when you where younger, I think that may be better. Also when you part from disagreeable person and your mind is still at ease, that too, is better/growth.
      Now I am not sure the right terms to use for this …. growth, better, more mature, or more tolerance but I think these are improvements in some form. In the the end I just hope that I am a more humane person with a great deal more tolerance and openness and understanding that I could just be wrong about a thing.
      I agree that there are some things that each of us have from the start that are very much worth keeping with a good sense of humor being a great one indeed.
      Thanks again Peter, pleasing conversation.

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