Cloudy Day Shot

Pictures : Cloudy day shot with the iPhone, the Florida Mountains from the RV Park my friend is staying in. Cooler and wet today, makes the old bones fuss.

Florida Mountains

Out : Had to get out of the RV for a bit today so I visited my friend at the Low-Hi RV park. Sometimes I need to get out other then my walking. Not for long or doing much, just out.

Exercise : Yep, back at it today, exercise page updated.

Chickens Come to Roost : Every night just about dust I can here the Gamble’s Quails coming in to roost in the three large pins trees just outside my RV door and as I set and type this I hear them now. Makes me smiles, and think of the days as a kid when I would set on the back porch and watch the chickens go the the hen house to roost in the evenings. To me the Gambel’s Quail act so much like chicken that it always brings a smile watching them.

Night Folks