Apple Products

iPhone : After almost a year I am still liking my iPhone. I don’t know if I will ever buy another (because of cost) but I like it far better then Android for sure. On the other hand I might buy another one depending on how many years use I get out of this one.I had much rather be the buyer of a product(iPhone) than the buyer of a product and be product of the product’s system’s OS (Android). Still there are some setting that bug me a bit even on iPhone. One is when turning on location it ask no question it just turns it on however when you turn it off it ask “are you sure?” and I think it should be the other way around. Confirm that I want it on but just turn it off without confirming. Over all it is great, not hard to do the extra step. My way seems to be more supportive of privacy and Apple likes pushing the ideal about privacy, so do the little things that make it so Apple!

Needless I think iPhone is a golden compared to Android. Apple has their teeth into me, I am Apple iFan! No, I won’t stand in no line at the Apple store to buy a new product but I do like their products, just saying.

Exercise : Another good walk today but I think I may be pushing the knees a bit. Exercise page updated.

Nice outside Day : I got out and piddling around for a little while today. I like it when the weather is good enough to do that.

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