Aching Nomad

Aching Nomad : I would love to be down about sea level about this time of year, maybe somewhere new that I have never been. Yep I think “my Nomad” is aching. LOL. Okay “patients grasshopper, your time will come”. Hopefully anyway! Here the temperature made it up to about 60℉ and in Parker AZ it was about 70℉, not a lot of difference but enough to make me want it. Maybe by next winter.

If one has to be in a RV park I am in a sweet spot for sure but still it would be nice to be out running the roads.

My RV Spot, on a bright sunny day.
My Lot

Exercise : I am feeling good with it this week so I say “Hang in there knees!”. Exercise page updated.

Have a nice day folks.