Old Shot

Pictures : Here is an old shot from an old walk. I walked this walk some years ago to the top of Wheeler Peak, New Mexico. Wheeler Peak is the highest point in NM. This shot is of a Marmot that was one of the many that would wait at the top for all the folks to come and feed them. They were quite bold, they would come and stand on the toe of your shoe and beg.


5 Down : I have walked 2 miles each day this week, so now we’ll see if the knees can recover over the weekend.

Old shots : I was in my Photo Stream organizer my shots into albums and got to looking at some of my older shots and so I decided maybe I should re-post some of them. So … there will likely be more of these old shots.

Night Folks


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    1. Hi Judie, I like looking back over them every now and then. Coming from one side of the country to the other is good too because some of these birds I may never see again.

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