Height Advantage?

Pictures : This little lizard was checking things out from the top of the rock. It was likely not a very big rock but when you are a lizard …. πŸ™‚. This shot was taken in 2016 but I am not sure where, likely in AZ.

Lizard 20_7D2_130316

Inverter Removed : This afternoon I removed the broken inverter form the RV. It took me some time because I had to do some rewiring on the electric system. I am thinking about remove all the solar from the RV to get it ready for the next RV. However if I do that, I will have to buy a new converter for this RV, in order to have a way to charge the battery. I am using the solar charger to charge the battery for now.

Weather : I have not said much on the weather here in Deming lately but it has been a bit cooler. Nothing to complain about much, compare to what the east is getting now and other parts of the US too.

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    1. πŸ™‚ Could have been doing just that! Maybe surveying it’s territory and thinking “Now that funny looking thing with the clicking thing wasn’t here earlier”.


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