Willie in Person

Pictures : Here is a shot of Willie Coyote as he went about his business, not much bothered by me.
This is a different coyote, but I remember the first time I seen a coyote in person, I was boon-docking for the first time in AZ. It was a little place about 15 miles west of Casa Grande, AZ. I had set out a small block of bird seed (one shape like a bell about 4 inchs in diameter) and along comes Willie Coyote, picks up my block of bird seed and off he goes, neither Willie or my block of seed, was to be seen again.

This is Willie in it’s environment. If I recall right, this shot was taken near Parker, AZ.

Knees and Exercise : The Knees are not doing prefect but they are holding up with just a bit of fussing about it all. I have been able to keep my 2 mile walks up for a little while now, not sure it will last but I hope so.

Have a nice day Folks.