Tall Slim Ones

Pictures : A couple of wild flower shot from 2016.



Still new Tricks : On the Mac I am still picking up new tricks that I did not know. One I figured out about a month ago is this …. I have my Track Pad set to use the three finger drag. So, when in a text field I would always click the blinking text cursor(Vertical Line that blinks to show were you type) to where I wanted to start but I finally figured out that all I have to do the place the Mac text-cur(I-cursor or I-beam Pointer) to where I want to start, and drag. It’s the little things that get away from me sometimes.

If the Magic Mouse was not so expensive, I would have likely never try to learn the Track Pad but I am now sure glad that it happen that way. I have other mice that I could use with it but I was learning so I though I would give it a try and ended up really liking it.

Hey, if you old time Mac user have any tips and trick to share, I would love to hear them.

Have a nice day folks.