An 06 Shot

Pictures : Here is a Downy Woodpecker shot I took back in 2006, before I started RV’ing. Even then, I liked my homemade feeders 🙂.

Downy Woodpecker 20d_9462

Exercise : This morning during my walk, I wasn’t feeling too well, hopefully it was just an “old man’s day”.

Hope everyone has a good start to the new week.

Night folks.



Pictures : This Western Tanager shot from back in 2017.


Out : I went out for a bit this morning and visit with a friend for a spell, not long but at least out.

Happy Saturday Folks.

Getting his Color On

Pictures : I think the Male House Finches are starting to get a little more color on for the ladies.

A couple clicks on the photo gets the bigger view.
House Finch 11-7D2_ 02:20:22

Exercise : I did a lot better this week on the mileage for my walking. Last week, I took a day off at both the start and the end of the week, getting only 6 miles in. This week I was back to 10 miles of walking. Thank you knees for allowing it, 😀.

Hey all you folks, have a great weekend.


Pictures : I like my homemade feeder just to watch the Cactus Wrens hang upside down while eating suet.

A couple of clicks on the photo will get you the big picture.
Castus Wren 01-7D2_ 12:17:21

Weather : Man, it was a dusty day yesterday. It’ll take a while to get all that dust cleaned up. When we have those kinds of dust storms, dust gets on everything somehow!

Exercise : It seems to be going okay this week, the knees fuss a little but not overly.

Have a nice day folks.


Pictures : Here is a shot I took the other day of a Gambel’s Quail and friends having a little sip of water.


Dust : Yes, dust a plenty today! The wind is blowing pretty hard and the dust is moving with it, heavy brown outs.

Night Folks


Pictures : This Robin has been visiting every day of late for a cool drink of water.

A couple of clicks on the image gets the bigger view.
Robin-7D2_ 02:22:22

Weather : Pretty nice today, but a little wind with the sunshine.

Good day Folks


Pictures : A sunset near Parker, AZ.


Doctor : I went for a visit to the Doc today, nothing going on, just scheduling needed stuff like blood work.

Night Folks

A Flower

Pictures : A wild Flower.


To My Replaced Knee : Happy 12th birthday! The Doc said they are good for about 15 years, but I think I have worn my out in 12 years.

Hope everyone’s weekend has been great.

Say …

Pictures : Here is a Say’s Phoebe.


Weather : A beautiful day in the neighborhood!

Birds : My most faithful birds are the Curve-billed Thrasher, hands-down. I see the Curve-billed all the time, even when the feeders are empty. Next up are the House Finches and Doves, they show the second I put out more seed.

Have a nice day folks.