Pictures : Here is a Pinyon Jay shot from about 4 years ago.


Door and Pictures: I like to set with my door open (screen included) so if I see a bird I want to take a picture of, I can. However, we seem to be getting a lot of little biting gnats in the area of my RV this year, so I have to shut the screen door at least. Hopefully they won’t stay around long, and I can once again be ready to grab my shot any time I see an opportunity.

Weather : Well, after a cool snap we are once again into the good stuff, yay!

Have a good day, folks.



Pictures : Here is a shot of the Great-tailed Grackle. I see Grackles around in cities, kind of like the House Sparrow, a city bird.


Have a nice day folks.

Walmart Prairie Dog

Pictures : I overnighted at the Walmart in Grants, NM and this one and (friends) lived alongside the parking lot next to Walmart. From looking at it, I would say it was making a good living! I overnighted at the same spot the next year, and they were gone, I am guessing they got relocated.


Weather : Wow, we are getting just a little rain, nice! It is in the forecast for today … I hope we get a good ground soaking rain. Not likely for this area … I can’t remember the last time we got a good heavy rain.

All the humidity makes me feel cold even though it is 70 ℉ inside my RV.

Have a nice day folks.

In a Month … Maybe

Pictures : I think in about a month I will start seeing some of these guys again, but not likely this many 🙂.


E-bike : I got the E-bike out and rode it a couple miles today after my walk this morning. It is one of the fat bikes and great for off-rode areas but around here just too many mesquite thorns to get off-road so if I ride around here …. it is on the black-top only. It felt good to ride after so long of not riding. Maybe I’ll start getting it out more …

Night Folks

What …. ?

Pictures : This was in an area where there are lots of cliffs with lots of petroglyphs, but this particular cliff face only had this. So …. Judge for yourself, right, wrong, fun or of no matter???

Not sure .... _1732

Lazy Sunday : I am just chilling today, hope your Sunday is going well.


Pictures : I am still seeing a few White-crowned Sparrows around. This is am older shot, but I’m seeing them now.


Weekend : Today I have been out visiting a couple of my friends, and it is nice to get out and chat a bit.

Have a nice one folks.

Another Way back Shot

Pictures : Here is a Blue Jay shot from way back in 06. I love its pose 🙂👍.

Blue Jay 20d_9525

Hacked Friend : A friend of my got hacked, and I have been helping him with his computer and accounts. It sure leaves a real mess when that happens and a lot of things to think about. I don’t know a lot about it all, but I help with what I can.

Weekend : I hope everyone has a nice weekend.

Needs ID ed

Pictures : Does anyone know what bird this is? Sage Thrasher, maybe?

Bird 19_7D2_140316

Weather : Oh yeah, back to the nice stuff! 73 ℉ and a light breeze, just good!

Exercise and Diet : Exercise is going well, with bearable pain in the knees. The calorie counting is going well, just got to figure out what my count will need to be to lose weight.

Have a nice day folks.