Modification One

Pictures : A couple of shots of the downsized bed. If you are not an RVer there is a top that lies on this frame and lifts for storage under the bed, most RVs have this. You can see where I have simply made the frame smaller and did the same to the top that lifts. As it turns out, at some point someone changed the carpet in the RV and that is why you see two colors of carpet. No problem, in the second shot you may see the vinyl tile packages laying on the floor that a friend hook me up with today. That will be replacing all the carpet in the bedroom.


Bed done. I will do a little more modifications, but this is the basic job done.
done for now

After doing this, I feel like I have so much more room in the bedroom and all the sleeping space I need. What will I do with this space? … I have no ideal just yet.

If you have ever shopped for RVs you may have notice that one of the advertising points is how many people it will sleep. Well this RV sleep one 😀!!! Just the right amount for me!

Tomorrow I will likely do some modification to the slide area, not sure yet.

Night Folks


Slowly but Surely

Got one job done anyway, the big bed is gone, and the twin bed is in. The surface for the bed is slick, and the mattress is slick, so it all wants to slide around. I will have to get something to put under it that sticks to both the mattress and the slick wood surface. Also, the wood surface area is a bit long for the twin mattress, so I will have to find a way to deal with that, should not be a big deal.

Now, in the slide area which is about 12 feet long by about 3 feet deep, I have nothing but a recliner in it for now. Tomorrow I will start working on that.

Night Folks

Busy, Busy

I don’t believe the beating my old body is taking with doing this stuff! The years that go by now are sure making a change in me, Or … I have just not been taking very good care of me, one or the other. It is the back and knees that are giving me the hard time. Lucky for me, a good night of sleep seems to revive me pretty well.

Things I got done today, I was having some problems with the leveling jacks but the landlord (my friend Frank) has been such a great help to me, he found a bad connection that I should have found but didn’t. It was a battery connection that I had cleaned (without my glasses) and I had not done a very good job of it. I have got to start wearing my glasses more when I am working on things. At any rate, they work excellent now. A 25-year-old rig has connections that need going over carefully when working on it!

The next thing I got done today was to change a Queen size bed to a twin size bed. I am so tired of having a bed that is twice the size I need it to be, and today I fixed that. RV,s have beds that are on plywood sheets that lift-up on one end and allow you to store things under them, so I had to cut that down from a queen size to a twin size. A little carpenter work. Still got a couple of things to do, but I got the bulk of it done today. I got a twin mattress, sheets, jell cover and mattress cover for it today too. The mattress I got was just a cheap-old from Walmart, but I am not one that needs something all that special to sleep on, so hopefully it will work out. I give Frank the old mattress for a rental place he has. Later on I can pick up a nicer mattress if needed. One of my favorite things about twin size is that cost is far less than for other sizes.

Tomorrow … I will finish the bed, and start in on the slide modifications that I want to do. It does not have a couch and dining table/booth in the slide like many RVs do, and that’s a good thing, because it is not what I want. I will put a recliner in the slide facing toward the front where the TV is, and build two cabinets at each end of the slide, shelves on the side of the slide and that will be my computer and reclining area. It is where I will go to be lazy, oh yes it is! After the bed, I will get started on that.

Folks I have not forgotten about pictures, I will be taking some but just now I am busy, busy.

Night Folks


Time, everything taking more time than expected! Oh well, I guess I got time. I was a bit sore today from yesterday’s adventures of removing the solar panels, old bones not use to going up and down a ladder, especially with tools and solar panels. The panels are a little heavy too, well for the old me anyway. Of course one never takes all the tools they need in one or two trips up the ladder … with no one else around, most of the time, it was another trip to get whatever I needed. Glad I had the help with taking down the last two panels, that meant a lot.

I have so many little projects, don’t know which one to do next. I will need to build a few things and modify a few too, not to mention all the things needed moving. Furthermore, I notice the Motor Home did not have many Electric outlets, I may need to add a circuit or two. Seems like I have a lot of small things that need plugged in. Guess it will get figured it out as I go.

LOL, I really don’t know what to do next … I will just let things happen, I guess.

Night Folks.

Solar Removed

Today’s accomplishment, solar removed from 5th wheel. Big job for an old man 😀. I was able to get the first two panels down and then the wind set in at about 10 to 15 mph. A friend(John) that I have made here in the RV park came by walking his dog (also my friend that I give treats to ðŸĶī) and I ask him to help me with the last two panels, I was able to hand him the last two panels from the roof and with the wind blowing that made things easier and a lot safer.
And his dog got treats afterwords too 😀. A small dog named Toto, and he looks like the one in the movie (if you are old enough to know that movie). Toto is friendly as all get out and fun to play with.

That is enough for me today, all that going up and down the ladder has worn me down. I am doing a few loads of laundry now, and with that, I will call it a day.

Oh, by the way, I will not be putting all that solar on the roof of the Motor Home. I will likely put some solar on the Motor Home, but not that much since I don’t plan to take it boon docking. I will save that solar for a smaller rig. Of course, that could change too, we’ll see.

Have a nice day, folks.

Wind, Brown, and Sandy

Got a few things done this morning, but the afternoon is not fit. The wind is up, and it is brown and dusty! The air is filled with sand and dust, so it is chill time. Besides, I am tired. For what ever reason I didn’t sleep well last night either and that isn’t helping. The mind is working a bit faster than the body can keep up with, LOL. I don’t guess I have to hurry for any reason, other than wanting to get things done and moved. The mind will just have to wait till the body catches up ðŸĪ”.

Today I moved the RV into the same site where my 5th wheel is, and it was a tight fit with two RVs and a truck. Wanted to be able to switch working between the two without taking a long walk. I ask my landlord (Frank) if that was okay, and he asks “Are you happy with it?” and I said, “Sure” and he then said, “Then I am pleased”.(Not the exact words but to that effect). I have a great and easy going landlord, he runs a relaxed little RV park.

Went to level the motor home up and the levelers did not work, I am near sure I did something while working in the fuse box yesterday tightening the generator connection. Hope I didn’t break anything, but I could have, lots of small and old plastic parts in the fuse box. I’ll figure it out at some point later on.

Okay, enough silly RV woes, and chitter chatter’s!

Have a nice day folks.

Chugging Alone

Chugging along ….. I got some more of the solar system out of the 5th wheel this morning and figure out how to do some things on the motor home this afternoon. A motor home is a new experience for me ðŸĪ”, got to see how things work?! I did buy a new starter battery for the motor home today and installed it. Monster would not start this morning without using the backup start system, I will see what tomorrow morning brings. My friend had installed two new house batteries when he first got it a few months ago, so new batteries all around now 🙂. The generator would not crank over, and my landlord help me find a loose connection and that got it cranking.

I will eventually take some pictures and post them.

Have a nice evening, folks.


Hi folks, I have not drop off the edge or anything, just been busy! I have brought another rig, but it is a rig for living in and not so much for traveling in. An older motor home (97) but in a lot better condition than what I am living in now. What I am living in now is sold, by the way, as soon as I get out of it. The motor home is about 35 feet and has a large slide out, I am going to call it Monster! It will be my home base and stay in the area that I use for home base. Why that? Well, it has lots of living space and lots of storage. Why not drive it around too, well I don’t know what the MPG is on it, but I bet it is not good! It is in good running condition, so I could if I wanted to.

My friend had this rig and give me an excellent deal on it. Good enough that I will now consider buying a smaller rig to pull around behind my truck for traveling. I have been debating with myself, rather I wanted to go on the road again or just stay in one place ….. I kind of want to do both. So … Monster will be home base, and I am considering a smaller outfit to pull around, 20-25 feet travel trailer maybe …? We will see, there is time for that later on

As I have become older and have less ability to get things done, I have been thinking what If I got into an accident, totaled out my rig ….? I would not have anywhere to go, so this takes care of that!

So that is what I have been up to, setting things up to live in a different rig.

OK, things to do, Later folks.


Pictures : One of my wild Yard Chickens, Gambel’s Quail. LOL. I call them Yard Chickens because I think they behave just like the chickens I had years ago in my country home.

Gambel's Quail 05-7D2_ 04:14:22

Have a fine day folks.