Hi folks, I have not drop off the edge or anything, just been busy! I have brought another rig, but it is a rig for living in and not so much for traveling in. An older motor home (97) but in a lot better condition than what I am living in now. What I am living in now is sold, by the way, as soon as I get out of it. The motor home is about 35 feet and has a large slide out, I am going to call it Monster! It will be my home base and stay in the area that I use for home base. Why that? Well, it has lots of living space and lots of storage. Why not drive it around too, well I don’t know what the MPG is on it, but I bet it is not good! It is in good running condition, so I could if I wanted to.

My friend had this rig and give me an excellent deal on it. Good enough that I will now consider buying a smaller rig to pull around behind my truck for traveling. I have been debating with myself, rather I wanted to go on the road again or just stay in one place ….. I kind of want to do both. So … Monster will be home base, and I am considering a smaller outfit to pull around, 20-25 feet travel trailer maybe …? We will see, there is time for that later on

As I have become older and have less ability to get things done, I have been thinking what If I got into an accident, totaled out my rig ….? I would not have anywhere to go, so this takes care of that!

So that is what I have been up to, setting things up to live in a different rig.

OK, things to do, Later folks.