Wind, Brown, and Sandy

Got a few things done this morning, but the afternoon is not fit. The wind is up, and it is brown and dusty! The air is filled with sand and dust, so it is chill time. Besides, I am tired. For what ever reason I didn’t sleep well last night either and that isn’t helping. The mind is working a bit faster than the body can keep up with, LOL. I don’t guess I have to hurry for any reason, other than wanting to get things done and moved. The mind will just have to wait till the body catches up 🤔.

Today I moved the RV into the same site where my 5th wheel is, and it was a tight fit with two RVs and a truck. Wanted to be able to switch working between the two without taking a long walk. I ask my landlord (Frank) if that was okay, and he asks “Are you happy with it?” and I said, “Sure” and he then said, “Then I am pleased”.(Not the exact words but to that effect). I have a great and easy going landlord, he runs a relaxed little RV park.

Went to level the motor home up and the levelers did not work, I am near sure I did something while working in the fuse box yesterday tightening the generator connection. Hope I didn’t break anything, but I could have, lots of small and old plastic parts in the fuse box. I’ll figure it out at some point later on.

Okay, enough silly RV woes, and chitter chatter’s!

Have a nice day folks.