Time, everything taking more time than expected! Oh well, I guess I got time. I was a bit sore today from yesterday’s adventures of removing the solar panels, old bones not use to going up and down a ladder, especially with tools and solar panels. The panels are a little heavy too, well for the old me anyway. Of course one never takes all the tools they need in one or two trips up the ladder … with no one else around, most of the time, it was another trip to get whatever I needed. Glad I had the help with taking down the last two panels, that meant a lot.

I have so many little projects, don’t know which one to do next. I will need to build a few things and modify a few too, not to mention all the things needed moving. Furthermore, I notice the Motor Home did not have many Electric outlets, I may need to add a circuit or two. Seems like I have a lot of small things that need plugged in. Guess it will get figured it out as I go.

LOL, I really don’t know what to do next … I will just let things happen, I guess.

Night Folks.