Busy, Busy

I don’t believe the beating my old body is taking with doing this stuff! The years that go by now are sure making a change in me, Or … I have just not been taking very good care of me, one or the other. It is the back and knees that are giving me the hard time. Lucky for me, a good night of sleep seems to revive me pretty well.

Things I got done today, I was having some problems with the leveling jacks but the landlord (my friend Frank) has been such a great help to me, he found a bad connection that I should have found but didn’t. It was a battery connection that I had cleaned (without my glasses) and I had not done a very good job of it. I have got to start wearing my glasses more when I am working on things. At any rate, they work excellent now. A 25-year-old rig has connections that need going over carefully when working on it!

The next thing I got done today was to change a Queen size bed to a twin size bed. I am so tired of having a bed that is twice the size I need it to be, and today I fixed that. RV,s have beds that are on plywood sheets that lift-up on one end and allow you to store things under them, so I had to cut that down from a queen size to a twin size. A little carpenter work. Still got a couple of things to do, but I got the bulk of it done today. I got a twin mattress, sheets, jell cover and mattress cover for it today too. The mattress I got was just a cheap-old from Walmart, but I am not one that needs something all that special to sleep on, so hopefully it will work out. I give Frank the old mattress for a rental place he has. Later on I can pick up a nicer mattress if needed. One of my favorite things about twin size is that cost is far less than for other sizes.

Tomorrow … I will finish the bed, and start in on the slide modifications that I want to do. It does not have a couch and dining table/booth in the slide like many RVs do, and that’s a good thing, because it is not what I want. I will put a recliner in the slide facing toward the front where the TV is, and build two cabinets at each end of the slide, shelves on the side of the slide and that will be my computer and reclining area. It is where I will go to be lazy, oh yes it is! After the bed, I will get started on that.

Folks I have not forgotten about pictures, I will be taking some but just now I am busy, busy.

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  1. Phew! I’m tired just reading that! Pics of the projects before, during, and after would be neat. That sounds like a BIG job changing the larger bed out for the Twin sized one. I’m glad they’re working out so far.

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    1. Thanks Deborah, It is just a matter of some Carpenter work. I pretty much have it done, except it tends to slide around, I have to get something to put under it to make it stay still. Maybe some foam rubber of some type, think I have seen some at Walmart, the eggshell stuff? That should be sticky to both the slick board surface and the mattress. Sorry, I have been too exhausted to do any pictures. I’ll snap some here and there with my phone and post a few after I get moved.

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