Slowly but Surely

Got one job done anyway, the big bed is gone, and the twin bed is in. The surface for the bed is slick, and the mattress is slick, so it all wants to slide around. I will have to get something to put under it that sticks to both the mattress and the slick wood surface. Also, the wood surface area is a bit long for the twin mattress, so I will have to find a way to deal with that, should not be a big deal.

Now, in the slide area which is about 12 feet long by about 3 feet deep, I have nothing but a recliner in it for now. Tomorrow I will start working on that.

Night Folks


2 thoughts on “Slowly but Surely

  1. Hey John. That’s so cool you are making a new nest. Will you be able to see the feeder from you chair on the new rig? Can’t wait to see some pictures! You might have a look at my blog, I’m doing some changes too.

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    1. Thanks Dale! “Will you be able to see the feeder from your chair on the new rig? ” Oh yeah, I got that figured out, LOL. Checked out your Blog, hope that Starlink works out good, sad to hear that they put travelers behind locals.


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