Modification One

Pictures : A couple of shots of the downsized bed. If you are not an RVer there is a top that lies on this frame and lifts for storage under the bed, most RVs have this. You can see where I have simply made the frame smaller and did the same to the top that lifts. As it turns out, at some point someone changed the carpet in the RV and that is why you see two colors of carpet. No problem, in the second shot you may see the vinyl tile packages laying on the floor that a friend hook me up with today. That will be replacing all the carpet in the bedroom.


Bed done. I will do a little more modifications, but this is the basic job done.
done for now

After doing this, I feel like I have so much more room in the bedroom and all the sleeping space I need. What will I do with this space? … I have no ideal just yet.

If you have ever shopped for RVs you may have notice that one of the advertising points is how many people it will sleep. Well this RV sleep one 😀!!! Just the right amount for me!

Tomorrow I will likely do some modification to the slide area, not sure yet.

Night Folks


4 thoughts on “Modification One

  1. It looks great! The first thing I noticed is how much more space you have to walk around your bed to get to your stuff!
    A friend of mine years ago were RV’ers and when they bought a new bigger one I was got a tour of it and saw all that storage space under the bed. I bet that comes in handy!

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    1. Thanks Deborah, it will look a little better yet once I get the new floor down, but that will be a little while from now, lots of things ahead of that. Yes, the storage under the bed is always much needed space.


    1. Thanks Peter, it does give me much more room to walk around the bed, especially handy when making it in the morning! I am sure I will find a need for that space very soon!

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