Sorry folks, in the evenings I have just been too exhausted to want to do any blogging, all I do is set in my recliner put a heat pad on my back, and be very still right up to the time I go to bed. I got a few more days of this, and then I should be moved.

I still have to swap out the TV antenna, and that will be the last of the roof work. Furthermore, I am starting to move things, likely at about 25 % moved now. I am finding things that I have not seen for 15 years …. 😫! So it is giving things away time and throwing things in trash time. Taking time to look through things is adding time to this move, but I can’t think of a better time to cut back on unneeded junk.

Fun note: I actually found a couple floppy disk, I think maybe I’m keeping things a little long!! LOL. What was on them and why I had them ….. I don’t know, but they are trash now! Also, a lot of CDs found the trash can, lots of very old software. 15 years ago about all software was on CDs now hardly any is.

Night folks