Moving Antenna

Whew, it has been a long day. The motor home did not have a RV antenna on it so, I have been moving the TV antenna from 5gh wheel to the motor-home, and I have everything done on the 5th wheel (antenna removed and everything sealed) but I am still going on the motor home. My friend that I got the RV from had a young fellow work on it, and he made a mess of the coax throughout the RV. With cutters in hand, he cut off everything in sight. Now I have to clean up the mess. I have to go get some hardware in the morning (new mounting screws) for the antenna. Tonight I picked up some good quad shield coax from Walmart to run to the internal amplifier, in the RV which the Young man took out of the loop. The new coax will go from the antenna to the amplifier, then from the amplifier a shorter piece to the TV. My friend had a satellite dish on it, but I’m too cheap to pay the service for satellite. So the receiver part I’m sending to my friend and the satellite part on the roof, I’ll be removing. Of course, both RV’s had a ton of old sealant that needed to be cleaned off. Seems like all the one-day jobs turn into two-day jobs.

I’ll get it done, but it seems that it is taking a little while to do it. Once I get moved in, I’ll be able to slow down and take my time. I am hurrying along, so I can get the 5th wheel sold and out of my site, it is a bit crowded in here with two RVs and a truck.

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    1. Thanks Judie, I feel like I am at high speed and barely moving! Something to do with age maybe, LOL. I am starting to get there πŸ˜€πŸ‘.

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