Getting There

The ongoing adventures of moving from one RV to another.

Wow, I am digging out stuff I haven’t seen for a long time, and I am discarding a lot of it too! You would not believe how much stuff you can get in a fifth wheel!

Well, on the good side of things, the antenna is mostly done, and I am over 50% moved now and this may very well be the last night I sleep in the old fifth wheel! After 15 years, I will wake up wondering what is wrong! Maybe, I’ll get moved …. I still have a good bit of moving to do and a lot of cleaning before I pull it out of my site. However, I do hope to get it done tomorrow 🤞.

Once moved, there will still be a lot of ongoing little projects to finish up. Plus of ton of “where in the world did I put that” kind of thing 🤔???? Actually, I got a good bit of that going on now, especially with tools, LOL.

Tomorrow, I will be tackling all the under the bed storage and the basement! Both are packed to the max. All the basement stuff, I think I’ll just sit outside, swap out the RV’s, and then figure out where I’m going to put it all.

This evening, the old back is making a big fuss, but I looked around and found some good old pain pills! LOL, likely not getting much relief out of the one I took, they are very, very old, and they do lose their potency after years(12 years old). Needless, if it helps a little, I’m a happy camper, and I think they are, or maybe I just got that placebo effect going on! Either way, I’ll take it. I’m not one to take pills, but dang these old joints are hurting!

I have the heat pad on my back too and that is helping. Furthermore, I hope to get some good sleep tonight, I didn’t sleep well last night. The mind was busy, and the bones were hurting, both keeping me awake. I did take some ibuprofen last night to ease the pain, but it wasn’t enough. So keeping the fingers crossed and wishing for the best tonight!

Night Folks