Getting There

The ongoing adventures of moving from one RV to another.

Wow, I am digging out stuff I haven’t seen for a long time, and I am discarding a lot of it too! You would not believe how much stuff you can get in a fifth wheel!

Well, on the good side of things, the antenna is mostly done, and I am over 50% moved now and this may very well be the last night I sleep in the old fifth wheel! After 15 years, I will wake up wondering what is wrong! Maybe, I’ll get moved …. I still have a good bit of moving to do and a lot of cleaning before I pull it out of my site. However, I do hope to get it done tomorrow 🀞.

Once moved, there will still be a lot of ongoing little projects to finish up. Plus of ton of “where in the world did I put that” kind of thing πŸ€”???? Actually, I got a good bit of that going on now, especially with tools, LOL.

Tomorrow, I will be tackling all the under the bed storage and the basement! Both are packed to the max. All the basement stuff, I think I’ll just sit outside, swap out the RV’s, and then figure out where I’m going to put it all.

This evening, the old back is making a big fuss, but I looked around and found some good old pain pills! LOL, likely not getting much relief out of the one I took, they are very, very old, and they do lose their potency after years(12 years old). Needless, if it helps a little, I’m a happy camper, and I think they are, or maybe I just got that placebo effect going on! Either way, I’ll take it. I’m not one to take pills, but dang these old joints are hurting!

I have the heat pad on my back too and that is helping. Furthermore, I hope to get some good sleep tonight, I didn’t sleep well last night. The mind was busy, and the bones were hurting, both keeping me awake. I did take some ibuprofen last night to ease the pain, but it wasn’t enough. So keeping the fingers crossed and wishing for the best tonight!

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6 thoughts on “Getting There

  1. So almost done, John! I’m in a state of getting rid of things too. I hate it though! I would love to have a enormous shed in wich I can store my whole life. And that put on wheels so I can take it everywhere I choose to go. That would be called ’45th wheel’ or something like that. πŸ™‚ I hope you sleep well tonight and all goes to plan the coming days. Do post some pics if you like from your new site!

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    1. Yes! Shed on wheels, that would be prefect! Now that I have made up my mind to have a home base … I am thinking I need a small shed! My landlord said I could if I wanted to, and my site is plenty big enough for one. So maybe, but it would be awhile down the road.
      I did sleep well last night, and I am hoping for a repeat tonight πŸ˜€πŸ‘. All my plans go slower than I think they will, LOL.
      I will post some pictures at some point, but I need to get all this done for now.

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  2. Take a deep breath; hold it for a while, thinking beautiful thoughts of lovely flowers with kittens romping through them. Then exhale slowly and think of yourself as one of the kittens – supple as can be and having a great time batting at the petals and leaves. Breathe normally for five breaths and then breathe deeply for three breaths. You may very well be asleep before the third breath!

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    1. I don’t dare hold my breath … I am near sure I would just fall over, LOL! But I like the kittens romping in the flowers, that I pictured as a peaceful show πŸ˜€. Oh, this is laying down, okay that might be safe, LOL.

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  3. Hang in there. When we moved to Florida, we cleaned/purged over 50 years of collections. We passed things on to friends, family, and thrift stores. We said our kids will thank us after we die because they won’t have to do it. 🀣

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    1. Thanks, Gail, I am giving away lots of stuff and trashing a lot too. I would not want anyone to have to clean up the mess that I have been finding in a RV that I lived in for 15 years, I sure did not think I had all that much unneeded stuff! Some of it nice, but I am not using it, so it has to go.

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