Over Bidding

Okay I am being very consistent, I predict something will take one day, but it always takes two days. I feel like I’m on a game show, and I’m always over bidding. I think maybe I don’t move as well as I use to … !
The plan was to be done with the 5th Wheel by today, but that didn’t happen, I run out of time and energy. Still got to do a good bit of cleaning and the basement still needs to be emptied. After I get it out of my site, I can get the motor home in place and start any of a half dozen projects that I have planned. However, first I must finish up a few that I haven’t completed yet. Still having gotten the TV lined out just yet. Once I am parked in my space where the 5th wheel is now, that will be on the top of the list.

I did sleep well last night and that was nice, I am hoping tonight will be a good sleeping night too. I am sleeping in the motor home for the first night, tonight. So, I’ll let you know how the new smaller bed sleeps. If I awake in the floor, I will know that the downgrade from queen to twin was not a good ideal, LOL.

The back is not near as bad as it was last night, and I am thankful for that 🙂. It does hurt, but nothing like yesterday, a couple of Ibuprofen should carry me through the night, well that is if I can find them 🤔.

Night Folks