Finally, I am moved, and the 5th wheel is sold and out of my parking site. Of course, as I start to live in the Motor Home, I will find little things I want to modify. I took my first shower in it tonight, and I already want to change out the shower faucet. All in due time. Oh, the space in the shower is not as big as it was in the 5th wheel, I did feel the difference right away, but I will adjust to that, hey it has a tub and my 5th Wheel didn’t. Little differences. One of the better things I like about the Motor Home is that it seems to be much tighter sealed and insulated. It also has double pane windows. Every small thing helps when you’re living in a box. Another good deal is that I am near sure that the Motor Home has a newer Cook Stove and Oven in it, it is in far better shape than one should be at 25 years of age. Another goodie is that the driver, passenger and captain’s seats all turn in to the interior of the motor home, so they can be used as guess seats. Those alone with my recliner is far enough seating, for my taste. The dining chairs I give away and removed the table. When I need a place to eat, there is a small table between the passenger seat and the captain’s seat, which will work fine. Right now it’s full of tools and screws and nuts and bolts with a project that I’m doing, but hopefully that won’t be much longer. Anyway, I’m an old bachelor and perfectly comfortable eating while sitting in my recliner 😊. It has a new microwave that my friend put in it when he had it, so that’s a plus too. I run the front AC this evening, and it worked very well, I have not run the back one yet. All in all, I’m pretty happy with it so far.

I emptied out the 5th Wheel completely today, and even I am amazed at all the crap I’ve had in there! Furthermore, I am fighting with where it is all going to go …. ???? Still giving and throwing away things. You know, after emptying out the 5th Wheel, I am questioning the ideal of whether I’m a hoarder or not! However, I am giving lots of things away pretty easy, so maybe not 🤔! I have thrown away a lot of stuff too. Still, I feel like I got more than I need.

It is nice to have the Motor Home settled into the site and have all the hook-ups connected.

I have a lot of nicks and cuts on my hands with all the little projects going on. A bit of sunburn too! I like wearing a sleeveless T-shirt around the RV, but I forget when I go outside that my upper arms burn really easy.

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