Slowing Down

I am glad that the big push is over, now I can take more time to get things done. There are many things to do that I want to get done to make it suit me.

Some things that I don’t like as much as I did on the other RV, I will have to get use to and/or figure out how to make them better. Other things that I like far better, I will just enjoy. Maintenance, this, is just a thing that’s got to be done on older rigs, but I’ll take my time and get them done.

I worked mostly today on figuring out where I was going to put all the junk I had laying on the ground after switching rigs. Wow, I had a lot of this and that’s! It’s been a fine opportunity to thin things out and organize. Still have a good bit lying around, actually considering a small Storage shed, that would really tie me to this place, but it’s a good place if you need a home base. Perhaps, kind of considering my options. Of course these times are like the Covid times, just not good for travel, with fuel cost as high as it is.

Night Folks