Going, Just like a Turtle

Slower, but still going. The weather has not helped with wind and heavy dust every afternoon, I work through that while I was moving. However, dust and sand is not a thing I desire to work in if I can help it, and now I can help it because I am not in as big a hurry. In the afternoons I am moving things around inside the RV trying to find that order of things that will work for me.

On the outside, I have about 90% of all the basement stuff put into an order that I can get use to, but still a few things lying around with no home just yet. I have some wood stuff that I need to build that will need sanding, stained and polyurethane coated. I can not do the staining and polyurethane in the dust storms. However, I can do the cutting and sanding if it is not too bad.

I am still giving a good deal of consideration to adding a small storage shed outside. Neither lock to that ideal nor against it for now.

Today I did finish putting the controls on the antenna to crank it up/down and turn it. The crank to move the antenna up and down has a small aluminum shaft that comes through it that was a tad long and needed to be cut. I had only one cutting wheel for my 4 1/2 inch grinder, and it was about wore down to nothing, but I had about a 1/4 inch left on it for cutting and that was just enough! That saved me another trip to the hardware store. I had already gone once today, and picked up a couple knobs for some cabinets, and some electrical outlets that I’m going to add.

That brings up another problem, exactly where I’m going to get the electric from for the new plugs and the pathway which I’m going to run them. I am adding plugs in the slide and I have two plugs that I may be able to tap into, but one is in the wall and RV walls are not things you want to try to work in (Little thin), so it will likely be the one on the bottom of the cabinet that I will tap into. I could just run a Power strip with a few feet of cord on it, and that might be the best option for one area. Both the plugs in the slide are near the rear of it and I need one midway and I need one near the front of the slide. That is where all my computer stuff is. I’ll have to figure it out.

Night Folks