Doing This

Pictures : Couple shots of one end of the slide, before and after. This is the kind of stuff I have been doing since I got moved in. Actually, I did some of this before moving in.

Note: The color in the top picture is off, the colors in the second one are more accurate.

Before: It just had a small table, and I don’t need tables.
01-7D1_ 04:28:22

After: I had built this cabinet into the 5th Wheel slide (the cabinet does not have a back or side on the slide side), and it had to be cut down(shortened) about 6 inches in order to fit in this slide. So this is kind of repurposed wood at this point. I need to do some touch up work, but this is the basic thing.
06-7D1_ 05:09:22

The other end of the slide had nothing in it at all, and now it has pretty much the same cabinet as this in it. It is a bit cluttered up with junk right now, but later I’ll give you a picture.

Oh, just for the record I am not a skilled woodworker, but I can make square cuts, put some screws in, do a little sanding, put some stain and a little polyurethane on. Also, I just use the cheap wood, mostly pine of some kind or the other, maybe some plywood here and there. And … My favorite screws are varying lengths of drywall screws. I use drywall screws kinda like duct tape, for a bit of everything! So there you go, woodwork on the cheap!

Today I did a bit more putting things in order, both inside and out, at least an order that I can use, ☺️. I seem to have lots of scrap wood lying around, I will use some of it, but there will be leftovers.

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