Money In … Money Out

Today was one of those … “I spent how much????” days! The day started well because the first thing I did was put some money in the bank from the sale of the 5th Wheel, but it went down hill from there. I had to pay my mail service person for another year, a little over $130.00, next it was fill the truck with diesel just under $140.00, next I got a 40lb propane tank filled $31.00 and then off to Walmart for another $40 or $50, gee where does it go??? And while I was doing this … I was burning that diesel, ouch!

After I got back from Walmart, I did a little more cleaning up/ordering outside. Re stacked my solar panels with cardboard in between each one, a cardboard layer on top of the last one and a canvas to help protect them.

Oh, I did reorder my bird feeding area so that it works from this RV now, I didn’t have to do a lot, move the birdbath and the humming feeder. Clean up a bit and fill all the feeders.

I have a nice tow system for a car for sale (it came with the RV and I don’t plan on towing with this RV) and I have a 5th Wheel hitch for sale too, I don’t plan on getting another 5th Wheel. I am not good at getting things advertised like I should do, but maybe I’ll find the time to do that.

It is likely that everyone is getting tired of hearing about my silly move from one RV to another. Maybe I am putting all this down to remember that I really don’t want to do this too often! I guess I am a little surprised at how embedded I was in the 5th Wheel. Perhaps, I try to keep too much ….? I have worked hard at trying to thin things down a bit, but it still seems like a lot.

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