Pictures : Well, this is what they look like after 25 years … Kind of like me after 70 years! LOL. No matter, I like it a lot better than the 5th Wheel, and it is in better condition, plus I have very little money in it 😀👍.
It has the fading in the decaled stripes like many of them at this age do, but the rest of the body paint looks good. Oh, these shots are after the three or four nice dust storms we had, so it’s pretty dirty too. It actually looked better when I got it than it does now with all the dust and dirt on it.

As you can see, I still got junk outside, I’m working on it. Forgive the quality of the image, I took this shot in the middle of the day and the sunlight is harsh.

MH 01-7D1_ 05:11:22

I call it monster, but it is not all that big in reality (Only 34 feet) many now-a-days are 45 feet long. It just felt large driving it, with me not being used to a motor home.

At any rate, I think if I get it fixed up a bit, it will make me a nice home base. And this will leave me open to buying something small to travel in. A thing I have been worrying about is getting out traveling and getting into a reck, fire or something like that and end up without a place to go, this makes a nice backup plan.

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