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Today, I started a small wood-working project, making a Computer monitor stand that connects to some shelves that I have installed on the slide wall. I picked up the monitor for free when I was work-camping. I got the basic wood parts made and the first coat of stain on it. It is just 4 small pieces of wood put together. Once I get that done and add the electrical part (more wood work) that I want to add, I’ll snap a picture and post it. I am kind of fixing up the little corner of the RV that I will spend most of my time in. It is where the computer is, my recliner is, and all the little luxuries of life are. LOL, YES, my life surrounds a recliner!

Each day I pick a little area inside the RV and start organizing, some temporary, some permanent and some unknown, πŸ€”. Living in an RV is a lot like living in a tiny home, it takes a good bit of organization, maybe even more than a tiny home, because tiny homes don’t always roll around!

Well, I guess one good thing, this whole ordeal of switching RVs, has kept me very occupied, entertained and busy. Some days I feel like being busy is a good thing, other days maybe not so much πŸ€”. Certainly didn’t when I was doing all the heavy moving, LOL. However, now that I am doing the lighter work, I am kind of enjoying myself.

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