The Mess That is Me

Pictures : Here is the other end of the slide, before and after.

Before … Neat and simple.
Before 02-7D1_ 04:28:22

After … Say, do you think I give it that lived in look?? I know, it is the mess that is me. LOL. This is the area of the RV where I spent most of my time and get things done, it is the busiest area of the RV. This looks like a lot of stuff, but the heaviest thing here is the recliner. The next heaviest thing is an old computer(12 Years old) under the towel. Likely another one of them things I need to get rid of? Well, maybe the Computer monitor and the monitor arm are kind of heavy too.

Not empty 02-7D1_ 05:14:22

I am still playing with the electrical side of things. For the moment, I am using an extension cord to get the electric to the front of the slide. There is a lot of stuff to plug-up, but nothing that pulls much power.

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