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Oh wow, I didn’t even post yesterday. Although I didn’t do much physically, my mind was busy thinking about the next projects. I did do a few things yesterday, but not a lot, it was nice to relax a bit. Today I started working on some small pieces of wood for this and that. Sanding, staining and polyurethane, seem to take a lot of time even for small pieces of wood.

Even though I didn’t do a lot yesterday, I feel like I have tons of stuff that I need to do, it is just a matter of when I should do them.

Tomorrow I got to take a break from the RV to go help a friend with some things. That will be fine, I have nothing super pressing right now. Mind you, there’s plenty to do, but it will get done in its time.

Little break here. I get distracted with all these little projects to do. While sitting here blogging, I happen to think about one of the little things that I wanted to do, and I got up and did it. In the bedroom there’s a television and of course this older RV was built for a tube type television in mind, and it now has a flat screen, so you’ve got the big hole behind it. Well as it turns out that big hole is full of this and that’s, where different televisions have been mounted, and I wanted to take all the unneeded stuff out of there and clean it up. Lots of dust bunnies in there too, LOL.

Here is the junk that came out … Dust bunnies, not included ☺️.

Little Project 7D1_7094

Go figure, one job leads to the next … lots of loose wires in there too … it is on the list, 🤔.

Folks, I promise one day I’ll get back to taking pictures of birds and talking about much of nothing, just being an old man fussing about the weather!

Night Folks


3 thoughts on “Forgot to Post

  1. Hi John, I always enjoy your posts no matter the topic. I wanted to share that I was diagnosed with cancer last week. Covid hit hard and now I know why. I was in the hospital 5 nights. It’s a rare tumor in my liver, spread to my pancreas, two lymph nodes, a place on my skull, spine, pelvis, and hip. Prayers are appreciated. I’ll see my oncologist on Weds. I’ll try and make a post to share to everyone. Please stay safe! Karla 😊

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    1. Oh Karla, I am so sorry to hear this news. You have my prayers coming your way, best wishes, and anything else that I can send by internet! I hope that the oncologist has some kind of good news mixed into all that bad stuff you got going on. Karla, you should worry of nothing else now, but taking care of yourself and working with your doctors. I can’t even imagine the emotional trauma you must be dealing with. Lots of prayers coming your way.

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