Today I was back at the RV and doing things. Fixed a couple of cabinet hinges and added a place that I like better for my keys. There is an area above the door to hang your keys, but if you are outside and need a key, you must come all the way up the stairs and turn around to get the key. You can see in the picture that there is a shelf under where the keys hang, and this is why you must come all the way in. I added a place to hang keys to the front of that shelf, and now if I need a key, all I have to do is take a step-up the steps and reach up and get my key instead of coming all the way up and turning around to get my key. Oddly, I seem to need to get my keys a lot when I am outside doing things.

Keys 7D1_7096

Today I went to Walmart and got an extra shower curtain rod, the type that is spring-loaded, why you ask?

My tub is less the 2 feet wide and when I stand in the tub/shower area the shower curtain was always sticking to me. No, I am not 2 feet wide … but I use that much area as I move around in the shower, just saying … 😀.

The Tub is not very wide, maybe 20 inches.
Tub 7D1_7101

So you can see in the picture what the extra shower rod does ….. I put it in and out each time, and that is why I wanted it spring-loaded. The bottom of the shower curtain still hangs in the tub, so the only place I have to watch out for water is the bit of wall that is showing outside the shower, and that don’t seem to be a problem so far. Anyway, now I have lots of room to move around in the shower without the shower curtain sticking to me.
More Room 7D1_7100

Hey, maybe you call this tiny space living adjustments 🤔.

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    1. Thanks, it will be better than before, but I kind of wish they were a bit lower, still have to come up a couple of steps. It will do for now 👍.


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