Yet another windy day, we have had so many this year, or at least it seems so to me. They are wearing me down a bit.

I got out and took a walk this morning, the first since 4/19. When I got busy moving and fixing, I didn’t do the walks for a while, but now it is time to get back to the walks. While I was moving and remodeling, I had no need to exercise because I was getting my fair share doing the work that needed to be done.

I replaced the RV step covers this morning that I had picked up from Walmart yesterday. The old ones had begun to tear and were pretty well shots.

Step covers 00-7D1_ 05:24:22

After that, I had a plastic container full of baggies with each bag full of screws, nuts and bolts, which needed separating. So I took each bag and removed the screws, nuts and bolts and put them where they should be. I have been putting these baggies back for about two or three years, plus I created many of them with all the little project I had during the move, so there were a lot of them. When I’m doing a little job, I always have screws, nuts and bolts lying around and when I get done I just throw them in a baggie and put them in that plastic container to be separated later, well later finally came.

By this time, the wind had picked up and started to moving dust and sand around, so I came in and started doing some much-needed cleaning on and around the cook stove. One of the hard areas to clean on RV stoves is the area above the stove where the stove is vented to the outside.(If you ever had an RV You know this) This RV stove was no exception, it needed a good bit of cleaning in that area, so I got started on it. Also, I looked in the oven and over all it was not bad, but I will do some cleaning there too. I don’t bake, so once I get it good and clean, I should be done with the oven for a long time.

It is near 3:30 pm and the wind is blowing like crazy outside …. come on, wind … GO AWAY! 😩

Everyone, have a nice day.



Pictures : There are a few places on the roof I want to redo with coating, so I order a can of Dicor Roof Coating. It is a two part system, but I have the material for the first step. This stuff is not cheap!


This, Plus shipping and tax. Ouch! Amazon link.

Roof work is one of the big job for me, at my age climbing is no fun. But it will be okay, I will take my time and be careful.

Doctor : I have an appointment this morning, it always makes me nervous going to see doctors. I feel like an old car, it’s not a matter of if something going to go wrong, it’s a matter of when something is going to go wrong. So each time I go, I am always thinking, “Is this the time?”. I don’t dwell on it in between, only when it’s time to go to the appointment. At least, I can take comfort in the fact that I’m going out of routine and something isn’t hurting or broke, and I need to go!

Yet another … forgot to hit Publish … maybe I am getting old and forgetful!

🙂 So here is yesterday post and I will make one for today.