Sputtering Around

Doing little things around the RV today. Made a small wooden tray today to keep my quarters in, I save the quarters for washing the truck and such. When I was young, I used to love sputtering around with wood making things. Nothing fancy mind you, picture frames, small tables and stuff like that.

Still some things to do around the RV, but I am beginning to put things off now, getting lazy?? Maybe …. Or just saving my energy for bigger upcoming jobs, like the roof.

Tomorrow I am off to help out the new lady that is doing my old job. Likely about 3 hours in the morning.

Exercise : I am back to walking now, doing my two miles each morning. Hope the knees don’t mind too much after a nice, long break from walking. Two days in, and the knees feel good, but I will see how it is going after a week.

Camera : Hey, are there any crop shooters out there like me? I ask because canon has announced a new camera, the EOS R7, and it seems to be in a reasonable price range. The specs of the camera make it sound like an awesome camera, but who knows, what the reality will be. All the full-frame R cameras are getting great reviews and people seem to love them, so if the R7 1.6 crop camera follows in those footsteps, it should be a good camera. I am giving it a good bit of thought. The prices of the RF Lens are really high, it seems to me. I would love to have that eight stops of image stabilizing that come with some systems of RF lens and R Cameras, but that is not in the cards for now. However, they say the EF lens with the EF adapter do very well on the R cameras. If I do spring for the camera, there will not be any RF lens to go with it, I’ll just get the EF adapter. I like the ideal of IBIS (In Body Image Stabilizer) and the improved autofocus ability I keep hearing about. All you camera folks out there, step up, tell me what you think!

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