Busy …

Busy day and I didn’t get a thing done! Ever have days like that? Started with my walk and then a little cleaning up and off to help train the new person, and that took me to noon. Then a little shopping, another hour and half, and then I had to call some Government offices and that took a couple of hours! Just being busy without getting anywhere.

Okay, just ranting here, I did get things done that I needed to, maybe just not the ones I wanted to do 🤔.

Tomorrow I am off to help out again, so it will likely be another day like today. I am finishing off the day with laundry, yet another chore.

The days are starting to get pretty hot, getting up to 90 each day now. I forgot to turn on the swap cooler before I left this morning, tomorrow I won’t forget, don’t like coming into a hot rig.

Birds: I think I have just seen a Gnatcatcher at the birdbath, cool. I had been seeing the Gnatcatcher come to the feeder but could never get to the camera in time, but I think I got a shot this time. Also, today I have seen my first batch of Gambel’s Quail Chicks. There were 6 of them and they were tiny, I was on the phone, so no pictures of them today.

Night Folks