Little Jobs

Pictures : More little projects.

This mirror is in the front area of the RV, and it had 3 of the glass corners like the one that you see in the bottom center of the picture, so I removed them. Maybe if it had all four corners, I would’ve kept them, but it didn’t and three just wouldn’t work for me. The corners had two-sided tape holding them on, and it was a pain to get it off. I got a bit overzealous on the bottom left of the mirror frame. Perhaps I can touch it up with a spot of stain.

Corner 02-7D1_ 05:30:22

I think the stuff that was holding the bathroom mirror on was very similar to liquid nails and was very hard to get off the wall. Had to put a sanding wheel on my grinder to get it off, and after that I put some 220 sandpaper on my sander to smooth it up a little. As you can see, I had to take it all the way down to the wood to get it off. I guess I will cover it with contact paper, but I might have to put a bit of white paint on first, so the wood don’t show through the paper. Perhaps first I’ll try a piece of test paper to see how it does. The contact paper, that I bought, is kind of a white marble color and likely not very thick

Glue removed 00-1-7D1_ 05:30:22

Exercise : I got back to my walking this morning after taking the weekend off. Did my normal two miles.

Have a nice day Folks.