Too Cocky

Okay, I got a little too cocky yesterday, kind of down in the back and hip today. A day off and a few city chores as I moved around a bit slowly. At 70, I don’t get alone with the shovel and rake near as well as I once did. Actually, I think it was packing away stuff in the 5 gallon bucket that got to my hip, (Mostly pine needles and sand mixed). At any rate, it was a take-it-easy day. I think another night of rest will get me recovered enough to get going on something else.

The heat is starting to come back up a bit, making it into the 90s today. Give me more rain and cooler temperatures, please! Hey, one can wish πŸ˜€.

It is Wednesday and tonight is Nature and Nova on PBS, so that’ll be my evening entertainment. There isn’t much I watch on TV anymore, but I like those two shows.

Hopefully tomorrow will bring a more productive day, guess we’ll see.

Night Folks.


Hard Work Today

Pictures : Today I got back to some harder work. I went on the other side of the fence and did some more clearing and picking up. My tools are shovel, rake, reciprocating saw and a 5 gallon bucket to carry pine needles and other small stuff, and I must have carried at least 50 buckets away and dragged a good many bushes away too. I take the bushes and pine needles 30 to 50 feet farther away from the fence out into the desert. I pick up the trash and throw it in my lot to be taken to the dumpster later. At any rate, I worked for about 3 and a half hours.

Here is a shot looking toward the neighbor’s lot. After the first time I went over the fence and clean mine up, he cut a few brush out behind his rig too. However, the thing I wanted to show you with this shot is if you follow the Fence line down, you can see where the brushes take over the fence completely. That is pretty much how it all looked behind my rig when I started.
Start of Fence

Here is where I have cleared away much of the bushes and other junk. You can see the darker areas of sand where I raked and cleared this morning. The lighter sand area is the neighbor to the other side of me (Not part of the RV park) and you can see how much he has cleared away over the years.
Worked area

I think it is good ideal to clean this area up because it looks better and is less of a home for mice, snakes and such. Maybe a couple more times over the fence will get it looking better to me. πŸ˜€

So that is what I have been up to for my work today.

Weather : We had some fine weather for working this morning with mild temperatures and overcast skies keeping the sun off me, a prefect day to work outside. Here is the afternoon (About 2 pm) the sun has come out, and it is starting to feel a bit warmer, but still not that bad.

RV Roof : There is still more work I want to do on the roof, just waiting on some materials for now. Also, there are a few other projects that I want to do on the RV, but they can wait.

Have a nice day folks.

Easy Day

Easy day today, but tomorrow I will get out the shovel and rake and do some work on the other side of the fence behind my RV. Some real work! I did get some tree trimmings up today and hauled away in the wheelbarrow, I cut them into small pieces in order to haul them in the wheelbarrow, which goes pretty quick with the reciprocating saw I got myself last December, during the holiday sales. That tool is starting to be very handy.

The weather has been so much nicer for the last couple of weeks, with temperatures under 90 for the most part. The next few days look good too. I sure hope this cooler weather holds out.

Night Folks


Yesterday, I cleaned up my lot a bit, mostly trim pine trees and rake pine needles. The trees are a bit of work to have, but I sure do like them in my lot. Today I did do a few things, rearrange things in my lot and put a few things away. Re-stacked my solar panels that I had stacked flat on the ground. I stood them up on edge and stacked them against a post, and that takes up a lot less space. Looks a bit better too, and I am not having to constantly walk around them now. I also re-stacked my little scrap wood pile that I keep under the RV. Lots of little wood pieces for small wood projects. Also, I threw about a bushel basket full of scrap wood away, all very small pieces. With the price of lumber nowadays, I am reluctant to throw any kind of wood away.

Three of my dog friends came around today for their treats, milk-bones for the bigger dogs and little Bacon treats for the small one. My friend John in the park brings Toto (little dog) over about every day for treats. I think it may be the other way around, Toto brings John over so Toto can get his treats. John says, Toto starts this way the first chance he gets, πŸ˜€.
Evan, the landlord’s grandson, has two dogs, and they will come by for a milk-bone when they can.

We had a good rain here last night and I can find no leaks in the RV, I have done well πŸ˜€πŸ‘. I still have work to do, but I got the main areas right off and just in time for the monsoons around here. My timing was a good piece of luck.

Night Folks

More EternaBond

This morning, I finished off the area around the bathroom vent and skylight. I am repairing, but I am not finishing up cosmetically as I go, so I will have to come back later clean, prime, and coat each area that I worked on. But I am thinking I should be able to do more than one of those at a time, so that’s why I’m doing it this way, repair first, finishing later.

I will be taking a little break from the roof, because I have used up all my EternaBond tape. Today, I ordered another roll and this time I ordered 3 inch wide tape and I will just use scissors and split it down the middle (making it 1.5 inches wide) for most of the stuff that I do, and if I need a wider piece of tape I will have it. I ordered the 3-inch by 50-feet row.

A break from the roof is nice, but there are plenty more things I can do on the RV and around my little RV lot. I will wait till tomorrow morning to see which of the jobs I will do next πŸ€”.

Night Folks

Leak Fix

Pictures : Here are some shots of my roof adventures for the day. This morning, I tackled the area around the bathroom vent in the bathroom skylight. First, I was looking for the area that might be leaking, and I think this first picture is it.

The red arrow points downhill. The vent is mounted on the upper side of the skylight, and I think water was running off the Max-Air vent cover and going in here. This area is where one of the little mounts for the Max-Air vent was, and it looks like it was put on first, and then they tried to seal under it. The mount attaches to the vent edge and then extends outward away from the vent. In this case, it extends slightly over the skylight. The skylight may have been mounted afterwards, I’m not for sure. But the blue circled area is where it was leaking, I do believe. I had not scraped at this area, simply remove the mount screw and pulled off the bracket.

After seeing this, I decided that I had to redo the whole area around the vent and the skylight. The area around the skylight looked like it had been cleaned pretty good, but it had to be, because the old one had to be lifted off. The vent was a different thing …. these shots are from around the vent.

Covered up dirt and sand πŸ™.
dirt sand

More covered up …
dirt sand 2

If you ever repair an RV roof, you must scrape any areas where you see cracks, because they will likely have sand and dirt hiding up under them.

OH SHOOT, another job! : I had not noticed while I was working this morning, but in the last picture I see that I need to replace the vent cover, cracks everywhere ….. and on and on it goes!

I still have a bit more work to do on the area around the vent, plus put the max air cover back on.

Night Folks.

“It’s Hard Being Me” says Barry

Yesterday I resealed the refrigerator vent on the roof. As always, the job takes longer than I think it’s going to, but I got it done. We had a good rain last night and I may have found a leak, but not in any area that I have worked on. This may be a leak in an area between the bathroom’s skylight and the bathroom’s crank up vent. It has the Max-Air Cover on the vent, and the little mounting bracket for the Max-Air, covers an area over the skylight edge and that little area didn’t get seal. So …. I’ll pull the Max-Air Cover off and the little holding bracket off, and reseal the area under the bracket covering the skylight’s edge. I am sure it will be a bigger job than what I am thinking it will! The truth of it all is, that I’ll get up there and start working on something and think, well, why I’m here I should do this too and also this, …. and on and on it’ll go. The job will turn out to be three times what was in my mind to start with. As one of my good friends (Barry) says all the time, “It’s hard being me.“, LOL.

Today I made a small Flip-up shelf (5.5 inches wide and 2 feet long) in the bedroom to set my fan on. It is just big enough to set the fan on in the summer in order to blow cool air in at night or suck hot air out on hot days. When I don’t need the shelf for the fan, I can flip it down, and it only protrudes from the wall about an inch. I made it so small because it is between the foot of the bed and the window, which is maybe 16 inches. This way I can have it up with the fan on it and still walk between it and the bed. Before I was using a small wooden table that folds, and was having to fold it up each morning and fold it out each night. Now I can just leave the shelf up for the summer and fold it down out of the way in the winter.

Here is the shelf I made and the table I was using. The shelf works fine, leaving me room to walk between it in the bed, and as you can see the table took up the whole area at the foot of the bed.

I hope all this is not more than you folks ever wanted to know about my measly little every day activities. But sadly, it’s the only thing I’ve got going on anymore. All is well though, I guess I’m pretty content, the truth be told.
No need to worry about what I could be doing, but concentrate on what I am doing, and be content with that. Most days I am just that, content.

Okay, enough chitchat for today, Night Folks.

On the Ground

Today I decided I would not climb up and down the ladder, so I worked on the ground for about two and half hours this morning before going out to help my friend Dianna at the Ranch.

I did a little work with a shovel and a 5 gallon bucket. The land behind my RV, adjacent to the RV park belongs to some foreign investors, and it has become quite the mess with Mesquite and other type desert bush. Also, over the years people have chunk stuff over the fence such as Pine needles from the pine trees by my rig. So today I thought I’d clean some of that up and scatter it through the desert, only stuff that will decompose is scattered. Trashed, I pick up and put in the dumpster, at least the trash that is near my rig. At any rate, my feet stayed on the ground the whole time … πŸ˜€. Maybe tomorrow I’ll get back on that ladder.

Little ants, I am seeing lots of little ant trails outside my rig. Knock on wood, nothing coming into the rig so far. However, I got some ant spray and give them a little treatment to try to discourage them from being around the RV. Seems like I’m seeing lots of ants this year.

Night Folks

Lazy Bone

Well, today I have ended up taking it easy. The temperature is good and no wind. I did get out and get my shopping done and when I returned I got a few household chores done. So on the whole a very easy day.
Tomorrow I hope to get a couple of hours in before I have to go off and help someone else with something. Maybe I’ll have time to redo the refrigerator vent on the roof. We’ll see.

Tentative plans, find any other areas on the roof that need redone and resealed and get them done, which could be a little or a lot. After that try to do all cleaning, primer and re-coating in a day. Seems like plans never work out, but we will make one anyway. πŸ˜€

Have a nice day, Folks.

Little Break

Today I finish off the last 5 feet of the roof with EternaBond tape. So I am just going to chill for the rest of the day and maybe tomorrow too. I think I have gotten the major (leak area) fixed. There are other possible areas, but none as major as the one I just got done with. I’ll try to work through them all in the next couple of weeks.

Tomorrow I can catch up on my chores, shopping and such. A day off that ladder could be a good thing, πŸ˜€. And, if not a good thing, certainly an enjoyable thing πŸ‘.

On the weather side of things, they are giving some possibility of rain next week, which would be very good for the area. It may even cool things down a bit, which would be good too! Also, it would help with all these wildfires we have going on here in NM. Let it rain!

Hope everyone has a nice weekend.