Little Better

Pictures : When I picked up the contact paper for the area under the sink, I wanted something with lots of white in it to match most of what is in the RV already. The only thing with white was some that was marble colored, so that is what I got. It looks a little off with a Marble wall and a white sink top, but it will do.
You may notice that it is not perfectly placed either, but again it’ll do for now. Perhaps I will find something I like a little better somewhere down the line and redo it. At any rate, it looks better than the skin up wall under it.
By the way, I did paint the wood white that was showing on the wall before putting the paper on, because I was afraid the wood would show through the thin paper.

Repair 00-7D1_ 06:02:22

Weather : Oh yeah, it is time for the old man to fuss about the weather! It is getting way too hot, and today was only 93℉. We have some over 100 ℉ coming 😫! The portable swamp cooler is doing okay, but we may have to start running a bit of AC before long.

Exercise : Well I did my walk this morning but, the left knee fussed a bit at me. Hope to be able to get tomorrow’s walk in to finish off the week.

Night Folks.