Prepping for the Roof Job

Pictures : Here is the roof repair material gathering. This is the 2 part coating system for RV with the old style rubber roofing (White on top and black underneath). If you are going to own an RV, you should just keep this stuff on hand. I have a little EternaBond tape on hand too, and I have more on the way. Those three things should do most roof repairs that one might need to do.

Roof 00-7D1_ 06:04:22

I am going to wait till I have the EternaBond tape here before I get started on the roof. I am hoping that there are only a few areas that did not get done when my friend had it done. However, I am thinking the guy my friend had do the job, had never done an RV roof before and may have shortcut some prep work. We’ll see when I get started.

Doing’s : Friday, I spent a good bit of time going through some of the junk I moved in here and kind of thinning stuff out and put it in its proper place. Still organizing a bit. Today I did chill quite a bit, and didn’t get much done. That is okay, kind of felt like I needed a little chill time.

Exercise : Finished off the week with 8 miles of walking, guess that’ll do.

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