Propane Box

Pictures : Today I started making a box for the 2 propane tanks I have outside that hook up to my extend-stay connection on the motor home’s propane tank. I bought a piece of plywood from the local lumber store (very costly) to make the sides and back, and scrounged up some old 2X4’s laying out in the desert that somebody had thrown away to make the base. The smaller tank is a 30 pound tank and the taller tank is a 40 pound tank. In the winter, when I use a good bit of propane, I will rotate these. I will add a top, some doors to the front and a good coat of paint. These tanks don’t need protecting, but it sure will make them look better in my site.


Domesticated : I am beginning to get right down domesticated, with all the building of this and that’s going on! With the way the economy is going, I might have to get real domesticated out of necessity …..!

Exercise : I got back to exercising for this week, and did my usual 2 miles this morning. While walking this morning, I came up on two pit bulls out in the desert wandering around and nobody around to look after them. One acted like he wanted to be a little aggressive, I had my walking stick and my pepper spray, I was ready for a fight if need be, but I buffed him down. Really ticks me off that people don’t look after their pets!

Help at The Ranch : The lady doing my old job at the ranch called me this morning for help trying to manipulate some files around on the computer, and we got to the point to where I couldn’t help her over the phone, so I took a trip out to the Ranch to help (I don’t mind helping). She is a nice lady and seems to be a hard worker (things I respect). Besides, I got 15 years invested in this club and try to help when I can.

Night Folks.