Well, living in the southwest is live today ….. hot and dry it is, very southwest. Rocking about 101 ℉ outside and looking at the forecast for next 10 days, 9 are in triple digit temperatures. The higher one is 105 ℉. Yep, it is hot, and of course it is expected this time of year, I just hope it doesn’t overdo itself, like the wind has this year.

If I do anything outside, it has got to be in the early morning. The last two or three morning I have been doing (going out to the city) chores, so not much getting done outside the RV. Hopefully tomorrow morning I can get a thing or two done outside the RV, but I do have to go out to pick up my mail, however that shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes.

The portable swamp cooler is doing very well in the RV this summer, but it is a hard go for it when it starts to get into the 100’s during the day. I would still consider a bigger one if I came upon a deal somewhere.

Night Folks.