Pictures : Here is a shot of one of my most poplar bird, a House Finch, still kicking around in his red dating jacket.

House Finch 26-7D2_ 06:12:22

Roof : Well, I made a little progress on the roof today. Looks like it could take me a couple of weeks to do most of the stuff I want to do. I only work on it for about 2 to 3 hours in the mornings while the weather is decent. The main thing I want to do is make sure it is seal where the roof and side of the RV meet, and I am a little over 2/3 the way down one side so far. After that, (which will take me about 4 more days), I will do a little removing and re-coating about 4 inches back from the repair. That will be pretty involve with peeling/clearing the area, washing, priming, and coating. The peeling and clearing is what will take the most time.
Unfortunately, the more I’m on the roof, the more areas I see that need repair. Today I noticed the sealant under the refrigerator vent cover is really a mess and needs to be redone, so that is project 35B/A-149 or something like that, 🤔!

When I looked up under the refrigerator vent cover the self leveling lap sealing was just kind of a mess, so I peeled a little of it away and this is what I found, sand and dirt just covered up ….. OMG!!!! Over time, the lap sealant will start to pill away from the roof, and it needs to be removed and then resealed. However, what folks do is just cover it all up again, and this is what happens after a few years. Someone that knows what they are doing will remove all the old sealant and reseal it again. Doing it the proper way will prevent this kind of build up.

Dirt and sand

My little putty knife has a lot of work to do!!!!!!

Have a nice evening, folks.