Adult Thrasher

Pictures : Here is Mon or Dad Cruve-billed Thrasher, enjoying a nice drink of water on a hot day.

Curve bill thrasher 20-7D2_ 06:12:22

Roof : I made it down one side of the RV and I think it is very well sealed now. I still have a lot to do on that side, but at least it is sealed. I need to pill it back a bit farther, clean, prime and clean again, and then coat it.

For some reason, I was exhausted before I started this morning, and going up and down that ladder took its toll even more so. So, I’m beat right now. I think maybe all the standing on the ladder is what is wearing me down. Need be, I can always take a rest day. However, I am hopeful that by tomorrow morning, I will be ready to get started on the other side.

Oh, I did remove the satellite dish today, so that is all the way.

Have a nice day folks.