Good Progress

Today I made some pretty good progress. I worked for 5 hours today but at about 12:15 PM the heat took it toll on me, it was near a 100 ℉ by the time I came in. Today, I had a lot more energy than I did yesterday, which was good. Maybe I just got a better night’s rest.
A couple more days and I will at least have the sides sealed where they meet the roof, which is the most likely place for this RV to leak. Just getting that done is going to end up being about 20 hours work, and leaving me another 10 to 15 hours work to do. I am clearing an area that is wide enough for my EternaBond tape plus a little extra, so the extra area will have to be dress and repaired too. More work than this old dude wants to do, but it has got to be done.

I am beat, night, folks.