The Work

Pictures : Here are a few shots to explain what I have been doing and show what the mess is all about.

First-of-all, what got my attention. In this picture you will see the cracks and when it rains if you got these they will leak, so I knew that I needed to do something about it. These cracks, are where the roof meets the walls. This particular picture is behind the RV awning. These cracks were in several places along the edges.

The first one that I’ve decided to look under was this one(below), and it was full of sand and dirt where it had just been covered over for years, and not been scrape clean before re-coating, like I’m doing now. So this was when I decided that I needed to do it from end to end on both sides. Only 5 to 10% was as dirty as this, but still it was a good idea to do it all.
Under  some

Here is an area where I have scrape down to the original rubber, and as you can see it’s a bit of a mess. However, with a bit of work, cleaning and coating, I can make it look a lot better and hold up for a few years, and most importantly, prevent it from leaking.
By the way, the top part of this image is the rubber roof, and you can see the metal strip that divides the wall from the roof.

Here is an area where I have put on the EternaBond tape. This stuff is good, and super sticky, I don’t believe there’s any chance of it leaking.
Tape on

The only thing to do after this is to clean it up a bit more and coat it again. Which will entail a good bit of work, still. Oh, in this image you can see the sun damage to the decals on the RV, I should be able to help them a little looks wise, but they will always be kind of cracked and rough looking. But I think I can clean them up and wax them, to make them look a lot better. That will be project 345-2A-Z R2 maybe, LOL. When you have an RV this old, there are always lots of projects.

I have about 5 more feet of roof left to do, with the steps above.

The above steps is the work that makes sure it doesn’t leak, and the next part of the work will be to make it look better.

I will have to check each area of the roof where something is mounted or extends through it to make sure it’s in good condition and well sealed, and I have already seen one or two areas that need some work. My thinking was to start on the most probable area that will leak. That is where I am now, where the sides and roof meet.

So that is what I have gotten myself into.

Night Folks.