On the Ground

Today I decided I would not climb up and down the ladder, so I worked on the ground for about two and half hours this morning before going out to help my friend Dianna at the Ranch.

I did a little work with a shovel and a 5 gallon bucket. The land behind my RV, adjacent to the RV park belongs to some foreign investors, and it has become quite the mess with Mesquite and other type desert bush. Also, over the years people have chunk stuff over the fence such as Pine needles from the pine trees by my rig. So today I thought I’d clean some of that up and scatter it through the desert, only stuff that will decompose is scattered. Trashed, I pick up and put in the dumpster, at least the trash that is near my rig. At any rate, my feet stayed on the ground the whole time … 😀. Maybe tomorrow I’ll get back on that ladder.

Little ants, I am seeing lots of little ant trails outside my rig. Knock on wood, nothing coming into the rig so far. However, I got some ant spray and give them a little treatment to try to discourage them from being around the RV. Seems like I’m seeing lots of ants this year.

Night Folks