“It’s Hard Being Me” says Barry

Yesterday I resealed the refrigerator vent on the roof. As always, the job takes longer than I think it’s going to, but I got it done. We had a good rain last night and I may have found a leak, but not in any area that I have worked on. This may be a leak in an area between the bathroom’s skylight and the bathroom’s crank up vent. It has the Max-Air Cover on the vent, and the little mounting bracket for the Max-Air, covers an area over the skylight edge and that little area didn’t get seal. So …. I’ll pull the Max-Air Cover off and the little holding bracket off, and reseal the area under the bracket covering the skylight’s edge. I am sure it will be a bigger job than what I am thinking it will! The truth of it all is, that I’ll get up there and start working on something and think, well, why I’m here I should do this too and also this, …. and on and on it’ll go. The job will turn out to be three times what was in my mind to start with. As one of my good friends (Barry) says all the time, “It’s hard being me.“, LOL.

Today I made a small Flip-up shelf (5.5 inches wide and 2 feet long) in the bedroom to set my fan on. It is just big enough to set the fan on in the summer in order to blow cool air in at night or suck hot air out on hot days. When I don’t need the shelf for the fan, I can flip it down, and it only protrudes from the wall about an inch. I made it so small because it is between the foot of the bed and the window, which is maybe 16 inches. This way I can have it up with the fan on it and still walk between it and the bed. Before I was using a small wooden table that folds, and was having to fold it up each morning and fold it out each night. Now I can just leave the shelf up for the summer and fold it down out of the way in the winter.

Here is the shelf I made and the table I was using. The shelf works fine, leaving me room to walk between it in the bed, and as you can see the table took up the whole area at the foot of the bed.

I hope all this is not more than you folks ever wanted to know about my measly little every day activities. But sadly, it’s the only thing I’ve got going on anymore. All is well though, I guess I’m pretty content, the truth be told.
No need to worry about what I could be doing, but concentrate on what I am doing, and be content with that. Most days I am just that, content.

Okay, enough chitchat for today, Night Folks.